Caroline Schnapp 03/06/2012

New collection image to represent your collection

On a collection page in a store admin, we now have a new image upload button that looks like this:

That new image is meant to represent your collection in Shopify Themes that feature collections.

Here is a partial list of free Shopify Themes that feature collections in one way or another:

Up until now, most Shopify Themes that featured collections used the featured image of the first product in the collection to illustrate the collection. It's now become possible to control what image to use for the purpose of illustrating your collection.

In your Liquid, you'd use something like this to show your collection image:

{% if collection.image %}
{{ collection.image.src | collection_img_url: 'medium' | img_tag: collection.title }}
{% else %}
{{ collection.products.first.featured_image.src | product_img_url: 'medium' | img_tag: collection.title }}
{% endif %}

The new collection.image object is documented in the Shopify Wiki.

Do not expect to see your collection image on the corresponding collection page. If you wish to show an image on your collection page, what you need to do then is insert an image in your collection description. Please read this article for further instructions.