Joey Devilla 07/11/2011

Shopify Pub Night #2/Ottawa Security Meetup – This Wednesday, July 13th

It's short notice, but I'm declaring it anyway: Shopify is holding another pub night this Wednesday in Ottawa's ByWard market at Peter Devine's. Here's the quick info:

  • What: Shopify Pub Night, an informal get-together with people from Shopify
  • When: Wednesday, July 13th, from 5:30 on
  • Where: Peter Devine's (ByWard Market, 73 Clarence Street at William)
  • Why: To get people together. Show up early and I'll buy you a pint.

A scene from the last Shopify Pub Night, featuring some Shopifolks: Cody, Clara and Liz.

This is an informal gathering for techies, creatives and businesspeople of all stripes to get together, meet the Shopifolks and talk about programming, ecommerce, startups, design, beer, the weather, music...whatever! It's about enjoying the summer, catching up with friends and getting to know the local community. And food. And beer. Perhaps a lot of beer.

We're putting out a special invitation for Ottawa's local security gurus -- this gathering will also be a local security meetup! Hence the photo above, from Hackers. I was willing to suspend disbelief on a lot of things in this movie, from Penn Gilette and Angelina Jolie being infosec experts to "The Gibson", but trying to portray rollerblades as cool? That was just too much.

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