James MacAulay 12/11/2009

Theme Settings Now More Fabulous

The release of theme settings a few months ago made Shopify themes a lot more flexible, giving shop owners the ability to easily customize the look of their shop in all sorts of ways. Now, in addition to giving the theme editor a cleaner and more functional interface, we are taking things further by introducing presets:

These work pretty much the way you’d expect. If you like the way your theme looks but you want to do some experimenting, just save your current settings as a preset and mess around with your colors and fonts all you like — you’ll have your original settings to go back to, and you can stash away your wild ideas for later. Here’s a screencast showing you how it all works:

You can start saving and loading presets for your settings-enabled theme right now. I’ve also added a couple of built-in presets to the Minimify theme, which you can take a look at if you load it up from the theme gallery.

A few technical points for designers

We no longer update the settings form itself

when the form is used in the admin interface. Instead, the choices you make in that form are stored as JSON data in a new file at
If there’s no
Shopify will fall back to looking at the form’s default values in


is part of the theme, it gets included when you export your theme as a zip archive. The JSON also includes your presets, so all of this is kept intact when you export and import themes. When you’re packaging up a theme, just create however many presets you want it to have and then load up whichever one you decide is the “default” before exporting as a zip file.

Because the data is stored in JSON now, it’s going to be easier for us to add theme settings support to Vision, so stay tuned for that.